... to inspire me! Despite of Hamlet, my favorite Shakespeare (1564-1616) play, I decided to inspire myself with another master piece: Romeo and Juliet. How could I invent a face for them? Well, I apologize to those who can not accept  or face it that Romeo and Juliet could not be as pretty as seemed to be.... Continuar Lendo →


Santos (Total area 280,6 km²) has the biggest harbor in South América, with a population around 419.400 residents Also has a great and beautiful garden besides the beach with a bike route all long. It is worthy to try! Nice view! I've spent my childhood and most of my teenage years in SANTOS. So, I will... Continuar Lendo →

# Di Cavalcanti Challenge _ PINA

Photo challenge Pinacoteca-SP & Cidade da Garoa. Rereading: New interpretation from the exhibition's work. Reinterpretation in gif / photo / drawing / painting. Explain the work with its own style, but can not avoid from the original theme.  

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