... to inspire me! Despite of Hamlet, my favorite Shakespeare (1564-1616) play, I decided to inspire myself with another master piece: Romeo and Juliet. How could I invent a face for them? Well, I apologize to those who can not accept  or face it that Romeo and Juliet could not be as pretty as seemed to be.... Continuar Lendo →


Santos (Total area 280,6 km²) has the biggest harbor in South América, with a population around 419.400 residents Also has a great and beautiful garden besides the beach with a bike route all long. It is worthy to try! Nice view! I've spent my childhood and most of my teenage years in SANTOS. So, I will... Continuar Lendo →

# Di Cavalcanti Challenge _ PINA

Photo challenge Pinacoteca-SP & Cidade da Garoa. Rereading: New interpretation from the exhibition's work. Reinterpretation in gif / photo / drawing / painting. Explain the work with its own style, but can not avoid from the original theme.  

Contemporary art _2018

Collage and Drawings   "When we choose a path, is because we believe is the correct one. If things are not going as well as we would like them to be, we can always remember that life is impermanent and we sudden may change the path again. So, let's try to find a better way... Continuar Lendo →

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